IT’S HELL IN THE HALLWAYS but I’m beginning to see the light


Upbeat, inspiring memoir.

I’ve just written a full book memoir about my rags to riches story filled with many many funny, poignant, gut wrenching but I-can-do-it-too inspiration and tip giving vignettes. I would love some people to read the first 50 pages, people who like to read and want to get themselves from victim to victor, no matter their circumstances. Let me know if I can email the first 50 pages to your. Actually, I plan to post it and let me know if you want me to let you know when I have done that.


I need people to give me their honest pros and cons so I get an idea of what needs changing.


P.S. I won’t leave you hanging. If you want to read more I’ll give you the rest.


About wendyiscalm

Wendy Stebbins is the author of her memoir "It's Hell In The Hallways...but I'm beginning to see the light". She is the founder and CEO of "I AM ONE IN A MILLION" an NGO 501(c) e, a nonprofit charitable organization which focuses on changing the lives of street orphans and vulnerable children in developing country Livingstone Zambia Africa. She is the successful business owner of 4 counseling centers in the Chicagoland area. A former Miss Vermont in the Miss America Pageant she also was a television weather girl in New York state. You can check out her current non-profit activities at Wendy is the mother of 4 children and 3 grandchildren.
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3 Responses to IT’S HELL IN THE HALLWAYS but I’m beginning to see the light

  1. I want to read.. 😀

    • wendyiscalm says:

      Great ! You really are an angel like your picture shows? Haha.
      Let me figure out how to get it on here and let you know so you can down load. Then you will be in the acknowledgement page.
      I need pros and cons so I can edit. Thanks

  2. O.K. I’m waiting 😀

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